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Collagraph – Three Amigos – and a list of online video art and craft classes

Online Art Classes You’ve probably heard that everything online is moving towards video. You can read articles with statistics on trends, and look at popular social media live-video add-ons like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live video and YouTube Livestreaming video. Online art & craft classes are sprouting up like dandelions on a golf course, and that’s good news for the visually inclined. You can buy any flavor of boosted artistic intelligence you’d like, and then watch and study the footage at your leisure, in your jammies, with a cup of tea & a cat in your lap. Pick Your Smart Video course subjects vary from salsa …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Laptop Nightlight (& encouragement to finish your art)

I love art featuring readers. I have a pinterest board of inspiring paintings of people and their books, and our descendants collecting imagery of this subject will likely include paintings and drawings of people curled around laptops, balancing nooks & ipads on their laps, and sitting contentedly under headphones. I finished listening to the audio book The Greater Journey by David McCullough while painting this little night time watercolor of a reader (above), and started The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. I’m painting street scenes from Provence, so the book’s very french flavor fits the art in process. 🙂 For this week’s #linklove post, I’m featuring Mr …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Boatyard (& spring art festivals & #linklove)

I published a newsletter with dates for upcoming Spring art festivals that includes a coupon code for 20% off in my Etsy Shop, so be sure to check that out here. (If you’re not yet subscribed to get newsletters, you can sign up here.) Thanks for all the great feedback on the last post regarding artists being unkind to each other.  I’m grateful that it was received well, and the topic instigated conversation in the comments, via emails and on social media. I suspect we are all hardwired to be critical, but with practice, maybe we can evolve our first-tier reactions to be supportive instead. I’ve got a video …[Continue reading]

fixing a failed watercolor with colored pencil - a day lily and a paper weight

Watercolor: Tiger Lily Polka Dot (& using colored pencil on watercolors)

I’ve posted a new watercolor & colored pencil tutorial on my youtube channel with this mini still life floral (above). New artists have asked about using colored pencil over watercolors, so this video demonstration is a short primer on the supplies, and sequence of some mixed media fun on a watercolor. I love colored pencils by themselves, and they’re an excellent addition to printmaking, but they also do a fine job of adding a little Shazam! to a watercolor that needs a pinch of je ne sais quoi.  If you have a secret cupboard of frowny-face watercolors that need refinement, repair, or a second chance, perhaps the time that’s passed since you …[Continue reading]

mermaidstorytime18x1872 2

Watercolor: Mermaid Story Time

Moving my Studio Now that my art festivals are finished for the Fall, I’m putting a plan together to finish unpacking & setting up my studio after our big move. The light here is lovely, and the coastal atmosphere feels dramatically different from the desert. I feel some seascapes and nature studies percolating, as well as a studio tour video (without the moving boxes), and I’m almost finished with a new watercolor demo video, so stay tuned! Pen and Ink Inspiration If you’re looking for some watercolor and pen & ink inspiration this week, I’ve got a great #linklove suggestion for you. Take a …[Continue reading]


Watercolor Birds: California Quail (the Pasadena Artwalk & Printmaker LinkLove)

The Pasadena Artwalk was this past Saturday, and despite the heat, art-loving peeps came out for this quaint, lovely one-day show. I walked the two-block length, just as it opened, and shot a quick little periscope video.  I’ve posted it below so you can walk along with me. I’ll be at it again this Saturday, at Art on Palm in Altadena, CA. If you’re local to the area, please stop by and say hello. And if you’re not local, be on the lookout, both on Periscope and this blog for another petite art festival walk-through video. I’ve never exhibited at Art on Palm, and I looked high and …[Continue reading]