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9 Things to Give up for Your Art – and a Light Field Monotype with Watercolor

Furry Blessings 7.25 x 9 Light Field Monotype with watercolor (sold) Procrastination Steals Art-Time Here is a list of share worthy articles to help set your upcoming art plans into action, written boldly, and then pinned prominently in your work space. Do you make art plans for yourself, and then procrastinate till you run out of time? And then you toss the goal in the Maybe Later bin? This article outlines methods to tackle procrastination by understanding what that stall & delay is made of. If we unfold and examine the paper fan blocking the view of our own goals, we might be …[Continue reading]

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What’s the Difference Between Dark and Light Field Monotype Prints?

Countenance 10.5 x 8.25 Monotype with Colored Pencil on paper (sold) What is a Light Field Monotype? Monotypes are a hybrid between painting and printmaking. The name monotype has the root “mono” meaning one. Monotype printmaking results in a single image. These beautiful prints cannot be printed in quantity or an edition, like other, repeatable printmaking methods (woodcuts, etchings, etc.). Light Field Monotypes are painted or drawn with oil paint, printmaking ink, water-based paint, or other transferable media on the surface of a smooth, unetched plate. The ‘Light Field’ refers to a clean plate; you start with an open, unpainted, light field, and …[Continue reading]


What Happens When You Leave Printmaking Inks on the Plate for too long?

What Happens When You Leave Printmaking Inks on the Plate for too long? Have you ever rolled Akua printmaking ink out on a plate and then got sidetracked? Yeah, me too. See below for the story of what happened after I left Akua inks on a plexiglass plate for (gulp) weeks. We were approaching Christmas. This could signal time with extended family, gifts to wrap and unwrap, and hopefully, a morning lounging with a plate of waffles while still in your pajamas. There may not be a lot of art-making this time, but you can still think about art, right? Building a Light …[Continue reading]