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Collagraph – Three Amigos – and a list of online video art and craft classes

Online Art Classes You’ve probably heard that everything online is moving towards video. You can read articles with statistics on trends, and look at popular social media live-video add-ons like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live video and YouTube Livestreaming video. Online art & craft classes are sprouting up like dandelions on a golf course, and that’s good news for the visually inclined. You can buy any flavor of boosted artistic intelligence you’d like, and then watch and study the footage at your leisure, in your jammies, with a cup of tea & a cat in your lap. Pick Your Smart Video course subjects vary from salsa …[Continue reading]


Monoprint: Three Eurekas!

Three Eurekas! 6×8 Monoprint with colored pencil on Arches Cover paperProcess shots start at the bottom of this postAvailable on Etsy.  (sold) After I finished playing with my groovy, new Akua Intaglio inks on the collagraph Sinking In, I had a small amount of ink left on my table, and I thought it would be more fun to make another print instead of storing it and cleaning up. (When it comes to clean up, I’m all about finding efficiencies.) My cleaned Three Amigos collagraph plate, next to the Three Eurekas monoprint and a ghost print. I should mention here that the eventual clean …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Freesia, Pitcher & Lemons

Freesia, Pitcher & Lemons 6 x 8 Watercolor on Strathmore Bristol Plate Finish paperAvailable for sale here.Painted while flying between LA and Orlando, so the pigment is applied in pretty heavy layers. I can’t blame too much time on my hands & my less than ideal set up on the plane, but this one was a challenge. Next time, I’ll bring multiple drawings to fill the time, and I’ll prep them just a bit more petite in size. (Unless I get upgraded from coach.) 🙂 Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog