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Watercolor: Palatine Hill, Rome (& Painting Plein Air in Watercolor)

When you return from an excursion to a new place – like for instance, France – you get to pour over your photos and re-live the experience, or even better, make art from your photos and completely submerge in that recall. Painting, sketching and carving imagery from the photos I took in France last month lets me extend the relish […]


Watercolor: Vicolo Della Palle (& a painting trip to France)

The painting above was done after a trip to Rome a few years ago, so it seemed appropo for this post. I just returned from two weeks in France. #pinchme  I’ve been in Provence, sketching quaint villages and lavender fields while working as crew for Scottish painter Julie Snyder’s company, Workshops in France.   This was a last-minute opportunity to travel […]


Watercolor: Aperture (& the San Diego Festival of the Arts)

The San Diego Festival of the Arts on Waterfront park was lovely last week. We had a gray day to start on Saturday, but eventually, the sun came out along with the crowds, and I saw plenty of people strolling the lawn with paintings & sculpture under their arms.  I sold both watercolors and printmaking, so […]


Watercolor: Baths at Caracalla & an Etsy art sale

I’m celebrating three things; 1) Happy Spring 2) Happy Birthday to my awesome little sister Nancy, and 3) Yayy for 20-videos (so far) & 1400 subscribers on my art channel (http://bit.ly/belindadelpesco)!   To share in the festivities around here, let’s have a sale in my Etsy Shop, shall we? (http://bit.ly/bdelpescoetsy).   Pick some art, & use MAKESOMETHING […]