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Linocut: Dozing (Artist Goals; Looking Back to Go Forward – Part 1)

What are your artist goals for 2017? How did they work for you in 2016? A review of what’s behind us is helpful for planning what’s in front of us, especially if we want to steer towards new and improved pathways, right? You could cross the length of the pool in front of you by just swimming, but it’s more efficient (& fun) to kick off the wall behind you for a decisive start. If you’re inclined to mutter about what you didn’t finish into an end-of-the-year tea cup of disappointment, perhaps a review of last year while drafting a plan for this year would be a perfectly swell …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Laptop Nightlight (& encouragement to finish your art)

I love art featuring readers. I have a pinterest board of inspiring paintings of people and their books, and our descendants collecting imagery of this subject will likely include paintings and drawings of people curled around laptops, balancing nooks & ipads on their laps, and sitting contentedly under headphones. I finished listening to the audio book The Greater Journey by David McCullough while painting this little night time watercolor of a reader (above), and started The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. I’m painting street scenes from Provence, so the book’s very french flavor fits the art in process. 🙂 For this week’s #linklove post, I’m featuring Mr …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Aperture (& the San Diego Festival of the Arts)

The San Diego Festival of the Arts on Waterfront park was lovely last week. We had a gray day to start on Saturday, but eventually, the sun came out along with the crowds, and I saw plenty of people strolling the lawn with paintings & sculpture under their arms.  I sold both watercolors and printmaking, so collectors were collecting, and many of the artists I spoke to were having a very good show. That’s always a hopeful sign to all artists who sell their work. This is brief because the day after the art fair, I left for France, and I want to share …[Continue reading]


Watercolors: Unwind (& Art Festival photos from San Diego Artwalk)

I’m back from a weekend of selling watercolors and printmaking at the Artwalk in San Diego’s Little Italy. I’ve posted photos below from Beech & India Streets; 350 artists line up on 15 blocks, alongside turn of the century Italianate houses, and spiffy new mirror-glass office buildings and high-rise condos, just a few blocks from the ocean. By the end of the weekend, 100,000 people walked through the show, and in addition to the art, attendees enjoyed live music, food (the Italian sausage booth is always very popular, as is the funnel cake served with powdered sugar, fresh berries and whipped cream) and photo ops with San Diego Police SWAT …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Glendale (& a video about Yellow Ochre)

Do you use yellow ochre in your watercolors? Is your pigment categorized on the Color Index as PY43 (natural pigment yellow iron oxide) or PY42 (synthetic yellow iron oxide)? Yellow Ochre pigment is the oldest paint on the planet. It was used in prehistoric times, and it’s still used today to create warm, organic golds, yellows and mixes of earthy rich & complimentary hues. Here’s a six minute primer video (below) about yellow ochre, with sample mixes, and a few watercolors from artists in history that featured earthy & ochre hues. If you don’t see the window below, you can watch the yellow ochre …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Window Hat

An open open door, leading to an open window, with a vase of flowers on the sill, back-lit with hazy, afternoon sun light in a vintage bungalow bathroom in Los Angeles. A long time ago, I lived in a crooked, second story carriage house adorned with 1930’s tile and lead-weight windows with hundred-layer painted sashes. The light in those 60 year old rooms used to send me dashing for a sketch book and my camera. The reference photo for this monotype is 20 years old, but I still enjoy the process of trying to capture the atmosphere in those familiar corners and hallways. I’m working on a larger (20 x 18) …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Warm Sheets (back from San Diego Artwalk)

I’m back from the San Diego Artwalk (see photos below), and it was delightful. Now, this weekend, May 2 & 3, I’ll be at the Sierra Madre Art Fair in booth #5 at Memorial Park behind City Hall (222 West Sierra Madre Blvd). If you live in or near Los Angeles, swing by the Art Fair for some fine art, live music and a late afternoon chorus from the wild, green parrots that occupy the trees in the park. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ll be moving my studio next week (yikes!), so I’m earnest-as-a-hand-truck about reducing the load before boxing, heaving & transporting all this art to my new studio. ???? Are you interested in …[Continue reading]