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Collagraph: Island Fox and the Thomas Fire

Checking In How are you doing this week? We’re all hiking through the woods together towards the end of the year.  This last stretch is equal parts lovely – because we spend time with people we love, and harried – because the To-Do list is three stories tall.  I’m a squirrel, searching for a magical […]


Mat Board Collagraph Printmaking – Mama’s Day

Making Art Inspired by Stuff Happening Around You This mat board collagraph started as a doodle (see photos of the process, with links to supplies below). I’m surrounded by young women with babies, meandering different chapters of motherhood. It’s fascinating & nostalgic & heart-warming to watch these little families grow and transform with the addition […]


Etching: Lilacs in an Amber Vase (& an inking and wiping video)

This etching is from an artist’s proof in an unprinted edition. (An Artists’ Proof is a test print, and they’re used as a reference to make adjustments to the plate, so that subsequent proofs will be printed, till the final print matches what the artist had in mind for the etching.)  The zinc plate for this etching (see […]


Drypoint on Drafting Film or Dura-Lar: Kinship (and a Process video)

Kinship 7×5 drypoint engraving with watercolor Available in my Etsy Shop I’ve got a quick, fun experiment from the studio today, and I video taped the process & outcome so I could share the details with you in case it was a bust. 🙂 Several years ago, I read about an un-named artist making drypoint engravings […]


Drypoint: Bowman (new video: printing drypoint without a press)

Bowman  10.75 x 8 Drypoint with watercolor Available in my Etsy Shop Drypoint Printmaking I took my first printmaking class in 1983. I bought my first press in 2012. For the three decades in between, I borrowed time on friends’ presses, audited printmaking classes to get access to college presses, scoured ads for used presses, […]