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Making a Glue Collagraph Print

This art is available in my Etsy Shop Plotting a Course is a glue collagraph ghost (the process shots begin at the bottom of this post) with watercolor. The reference image (seen below) was snapped in the early 80’s, showing my step dad TC sitting in the cockpit of his Cape Dory sailboat, studying a paper chart (slated to cease production in favor of digital charts).  The subject is someone near and dear to me, but I also like the geometry of the marina and boat parts around him. There isn’t a discernible boat in the composition, but if you’ve been around boats at …[Continue reading]

glue collagraph print of a woman in a broad rimmed hat

How to Make a Glue Collagraph Print – Antebellum

Antebellum 4.25 x 4.75 Glue Collagraph with colored pencil (Visit my Etsy Shop) What is a Glue Collagraph? A glue collagraph is a printmaking plate made from a stiff background with a design applied with glue. Traditional collagraphs are often built with papers, fabric, thread or organic embellishments adhered on the plate. Sometimes the plate is also carved or incised to create recessed areas. All of these treatments on a collagraph plate are in the interest of getting lovely patterns and shapes after the adhered items are inked and then printed against paper. The collagraph in the image above was made with a mat …[Continue reading]