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5 Printmakers to follow on Instagram, Vol. 2 and a Monotype

Picnic Nap 8×6 Monotype Ghost with Watercolor & Colored Pencil (Available in my Etsy Shop) Using Other Media on Your Monotypes This monotype ghost print looked a little dubious all by itself (see below), but it had potential. The mark-making still visible in the thin veil of ink was interesting, but the tonal variations were too close together, and it needed more contrast to read as two embracing figures. Other Art Supplies to the rescue! This monotype ghost print, before I added color with wet and dry media. Do you paint your ghost prints too? If You’re New to Printmaking If you’re unfamiliar …[Continue reading]


Monotype Ghost Prints: Adding Watercolor to Your Monotypes

Central California Farmland 7 x 8 Monotype Ghost w/ Watercolor (sold) The Beauty of Monotype Ghost Prints Monotypes are painterly, singular prints made with a smooth plate and pigment. There is no carving, no incised lines, no adhered ephemera to leave a repeatable mark on printmaking paper. And you don’t need a press to transfer the print. Monotypes are made by manipulating printmaking ink or pigments (oil paint, watercolors, gouache, etc.) on a smooth plate, and pressing those pigments against a sheet of paper before they dry. If you’d like to see some of the step-by-step process photos, visit this page. Spatulas and …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Shorty & Scooter (& watercolor artist Mary Whyte)

Shorty & Scooter 6×4 Monotype Ghost print with Watercolor (sold) Would you like an instructional book on painting illustrative watercolor? See this post for give-away details. Watercolor artist Mary Whyte published a beautiful book about painting portraits and the figure in watercolor four years ago, titled Working South, and just before the show associated with the book opened, CBS did an inspiring 7 minute story about her. She talks about the theme of her series; a generation of skills and jobs that are disappearing because things have changed, and they’re no longer needed, or they’ve been replaced with technological advancements. A drive-in theater …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Gentle Giant (Great Dane) printed from mylar drafting film

Available in my Etsy Shop. Sold The Beauty of Ghost Prints in Monotype This ghost print (below) was very faint (below) compared to the bolder textures and contrast I got from the original monotype (see that in the process shots at the bottom of this post), but it was still enough shape to suggest a big dog with a dane’s profile, so I added watercolor and let the pigments mingle without too much noodling. Here’s a Tip Trim a sheet of mat board the same size as the drafting film and slide it under your monotype. It helps to raise the surface of the …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Chapel Fountain

Chapel Fountain 4×6 Monotype with Watercolor (Sold) Up at the San Luis Obispo Mission de Tolosa, there is a sweet little garden just off to the right of the main entrance. An old fountain flutters with birds, and an assortment of rose bushes invite you to take a seat on a bench, be surrounded by early California history, and just breathe for a moment. Adding watercolor to the monotype ghost is great fun, because it’s like painting over a faint graphite drawing. Since I made that under-drawing by pushing ink around on a metal late,  it doesn’t have a pencil quality in the line work, …[Continue reading]

monotype ghost print with watercolor of a vintage girl in a heavy coat and a rimmed hat

Monotype: Plume Verte

The Beauty of Ghost Prints When I made a monotype of this portrait in 2006, I had enough ink on the zinc plate to pull three ghost prints, which is unusual with monotypes (for me). There’s nothing incised on the plate with this form of printmaking. You’re simply pushing pigment around (in this case, black, oil based etching ink) on a very smooth zinc plate. Pulling the Print When you get the image you’re aiming for, you take a deep breath, and press the still-wet pigments against a sheet of paper, and voila!, you have a monotype.  If there’s enough ink left on the …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Slumber

Slumber 3×3 Monotype Ghost with colored pencil & watercolor on Arches Cover paper  SoldI’m in Alaska, so the image above is a snapshot instead of a scan, and I apologize for the crooked view & crappy quality. I’ll replace it with a scan when I get back to LA.Process shots begin at the bottom of the post. This is the second time I’ve been to Anchorage in the summer (I have family here) and I’m even a little more in awe of this place. Not just for the usual things you hear about the beauty of the last Wilderness Frontier; the million shades …[Continue reading]