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Drypoint and Collagraph Printmaking – Whale and Mermaid

Experiments in the Art Studio Experiments in the studio are important, because that’s what we should be doing with art supplies, right?  Keeping things fresh and full of wonder by pushing past our comfort zone in artmaking, and testing new approaches. G-R-O-W-I-N-G, which requires a certain amount of comfort with the idea of failing too. Do you agree? Beyond discussions and theories of leaping past playing it safe, do you push your artistic skills all the way to failure, in order to expand your creative breadth? Art Studio Bartender I’ve mixed intaglio and relief printing on the same print, like a bartender conjuring …[Continue reading]


Drypoint Engraving – Asleep in Rome – and the prints of William Hankey

Printmaking Nomenclature Question: What’s the difference between an etching and an engraving in printmaking? See the answer at the bottom of this post. Helpful folks like to point out mis-categorized printmaking terms, and errant tools used in the art studio that were MacGyver’d to get the job done. You and I both know that people have good intentions in their corrections, and we may inadvertently guide innocent beginners down a dark path of misinformation when inaccuracies are sprinkled willy-nilly in a how-to post. I’ve been corrected here, and on my youtube channel many times, so thanks to the process-sticklers out there for keeping me …[Continue reading]


Printmaking Drypoint: Cat Cot (& a tutorial video on drypoint printmaking from mylar drafting film)

A  drypoint-from-drafting-film printmaking experiment resulting in the art above is posted on my youtube channel. You can make a drypoint engraving on matte finish mylar – or drafting film – and print an edition so you can paint each one in a different palette with watercolor, gouache, colored pencil or your media du jour. Try tracing a figure study from a sketchbook  (like I did below) onto a small sheet of matte finish Dura-Lar drafting film, and then scribe the line-work with an etching needle.  Ink the mylar, wipe & print… voila. 🙂 The resulting print in this experiment was terrifically sketchy. (My technical art terminology works best …[Continue reading]

drypoint engraving etching from plexiglass

Printing a Drypoint without a Press (tutorial video)

Bowman  10.75 x 8 Drypoint with watercolor (Available in my Etsy Shop) Drypoint Printing without a Press I took my first printmaking class in 1983. I bought my first press in 2012. For the three decades of being press-less in between, I borrowed time on friends’ presses. When my schedule allowed, I audited printmaking classes at Universities to get access to presses. I scoured ads for used presses, and tried every method suggested to make prints without a press. It’s no surprise then, that so many subscribers to this blog (and my youtube channel) have asked for tutorials on printmaking without a press. …[Continue reading]


Drypoint on Plexiglass – Printmaking – and inking with a la poupée

Peacock Feather  6×4 Drypoint engraving (also called etching) inked in the a la poupee method with Akua water based inks, and metallic pigments Making a Drypoint on Plexiglass or Acrylic Drypoint is a very old printmaking process, traditionally done on copper. Plexiglass (also called perspex, acrylic and lexan) is an affordable, and often more easily accessible alternative. If you’re unfamiliar with printmaking using plexiglass to make a drypoint engraving, here’s a little video demonstration for the drypoint process from my youtube channel, so you can see the steps. Scroll through the images below to get an overview of the process, and check the …[Continue reading]


Drypoint Engraving: Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath 4×4.5 Dry Point Engraving (Artist’s Proof) with Watercolor Process shots begin at the bottom of this post.   This drypoint is available in my Etsy Shop. Many years ago, I lived in a rambling old house in Santa Barbara, California, with a generously sized claw foot bath tub. My family and I loved that tub, and each of us spent plenty of time soaking in steamy bubbles, with cups of tea and music playing in there. This little drypoint is a nod to that time, and to the simple luxury of taking a bath. 🙂   Adding pigment (in this case, …[Continue reading]


Dry Point Etching from Plexiglass with Watercolor: Just Feel the Sun

Just Feel the Sun 4×6 Drypoint with Watercolor on Arches cover paper Drypoint Etching from Plexiglass Here’s a frivolous little twirl from the studio; the image started with a sketchbook doodle (see the bottom of this post) after a rough week a few years ago, talking myself out of the pity party I was having, and remembering all the amazing and wonderful things in my life. Sometimes, I think it’s really as simple as this; stop thinking, breathe deep, and just feel the sun.  Gratitude. What’s a Drypoint? Drypoint Etching is a form of printmaking that uses a hard plate and incised line …[Continue reading]