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a drypoint etching from plexiglass

Drypoint Print on Plexiglass – Using Inexpensive Plastic for Intaglio Printmaking

Coffee and Roses 5.5 x 4.25 Drypoint on Gray Rives BFK paper with watercolor Drypoint on Plexiglass Want to know how to make a drypoint on plexiglass? This little drypoint print (above) was an experiment with inexpensive plastic plate material, instead of the traditional copper plates used in drypoint printmaking. In recent years, I’ve done drypoint etchings and engravings on clear plexiglass plates. The line work can be hard to see while drawing into the plastic with the scribe or needle. I bought a sheet of opaque black plexiglass on amazon to see if my mark-making would be more evident on the darker …[Continue reading]

drypoint etching of a reclining woman reading a book

Drypoint Etching with Watercolor – Woman Reading a Book

  Book Escape 8×10 Dry Point (Artist’s Proof) on Revere paper with Watercolor I’ve been looking at my book of etchings and dry points by Anders Zorn(1860-1920), and they always fire me up with skill-craving and work-harder-inspiration. I want to get better at drawing in general, and printmaking that uses drawing. I’ve also been looking at an artist who’s work inspires me with his quiet, ephemeral figures – Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851-1938). While making the plate for this piece (process shots start at the bottom),  and painting the artist’s proof to remind myself where darks and lights should mingle, I’ve been referring to books …[Continue reading]