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Learning Color and Composition from Bonnard

Looking for a Map 8×6 graphite and Watercolor on paper (available here) (sold) Look Around You Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) was a french painter inspired by the rooms in his home, his yard and the people in his life. I can relate to this close-proximity of inspiration – the sense that everything worth painting is within arm’s reach around you. I especially love that his homes were very simple and somewhat plain, but his paintings of those rooms are a kaleidoscope of wild colors. Adding transparent glazes of watercolor over the graphite The Dressing Table – Pierre Bonnard Up Close, and Far Away Have …[Continue reading]


Pencil Drawing: Charmed – and How to Get Good Ideas for Art

Finishing Artwork After a Long Pause I started this pencil drawing on a plane while crossing the country. Have you ever sketched to pass the time on a plane with music or an audio book? Highly recommended. Time passes very quickly while you’re immersed in your own little flying art studio. 🙂  The unfinished drawing sat propped against a wall in my studio, until piles of projects inched it backwards, and the drawing fell down behind the table. Months later, I dropped a paintbrush that rolled under the table.  While crawling underneath to retrieve it, there she was, suspended in power cords, looking …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Cruising California Rt 126 and Inspired by Sketch Artists

How Many Times a Week Do You Sketch? Hi y’all, I’ve got some sketch artists for you, to help propel your drawing and doodling inspiration. Do you want to draw and sketch more often? (I mentioned this goal in a previous post here.)  I’ve been trying to sketch in the evenings – whether I’m sitting with my Mister, or in a gaggle of friends and family sprawled on someone’s couch. Arm yourself with a two-ingredient plan;  a pencil and a sketchpad.  Draw what’s in front of you, or tuck a few reference photos into your sketchpad.  You can still chat and listen while …[Continue reading]


Drawing: Vin (inspired to draw more)

I want to sketch & draw more this year. I’ve commanded this to my art-making brain in years past, but as weeks ticked by on the calendar, other priorities elbowed the notion into a dark cupboard.  Very frustrated – by my very own self.  I follow the Canadian artist Marc Taro Holmes. He features tips and tricks (& fantastic art) related to urban sketching. A few weeks ago, he did a live sketch event on facebook, using the app Sktchy. See below. On Sktchy, artists upload photos of themselves in a queue, and you have permission to draw or paint them, digitally or traditionally. Being artists, the selfie …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Blue Sip Cup (& #linklove for INKtober!)

One of the most frequently discussed challenges creative people face is consistency of making things. There isn’t enough time, space, energy, inspiration or focus to sit down and create something with your hands on a regular basis.  (#quote: The secret to success is consistency of purpose. ~Ben Disraeli)  One remedy for this is month long projects, hosted on social media. Writers commit to 30 days of typing their hearts out in groups and on Pinterest Boards.  Illustrators upload a new piece of art based on a single word published every Friday on Illustration Friday. Quilters join Block-of-the-Month clubs to receive a box of fabric to make one quilt …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: East Coast Cottage (& a watercolor tutorial video)

After many requests for a full-length, non-speed painting tutorial in watercolor, I posted one this week (if you don’t see the video window below, you can watch it directly in my youtube channel here). It’s a bit over 40 minutes, and I’ve narrated the process from start to finish. I hope it’s helpful to all the folks who expressed how much they hate speed-painting demo videos. 🙂 And for the folks who prefer the hypnotic pace of 4 minute speed-painting video, I’ll be posting one from this same demo later in the week. Two versions; I hope they’re both helpful. 🙂 I’ll be showing watercolors and printmaking this …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Window Hat

An open open door, leading to an open window, with a vase of flowers on the sill, back-lit with hazy, afternoon sun light in a vintage bungalow bathroom in Los Angeles. A long time ago, I lived in a crooked, second story carriage house adorned with 1930’s tile and lead-weight windows with hundred-layer painted sashes. The light in those 60 year old rooms used to send me dashing for a sketch book and my camera. The reference photo for this monotype is 20 years old, but I still enjoy the process of trying to capture the atmosphere in those familiar corners and hallways. I’m working on a larger (20 x 18) …[Continue reading]


Graphite Drawing: Jaimie (& tips on drawing with pencil)

I found a nice list of tips for using graphite in drawing this morning – check out the article here. And from the same studio, here are some fantastic drawing videos. Share the love.. 🙂 Happy July 4th! Art Quote Start the drawing in the middle of the face. Find an anchor; a tear duct or a brow ridge, and walk the pencil from one shadow edge to another – not lines, just masses & shapes – no eye lashes, or nostrils or ears. Document the geometry of what you see, measured in the smallest increments. Use calipers; have a black and white …[Continue reading]


Drawing: Chesapeake

 Do you anticipate entire days in the studio with wide-eyed, fluttery fingered excitement? I have a full day of drawing & printmaking planned, and I fell asleep last night plotting the sequence of projects, bargaining what I might reasonably finish with no interruptions. Like a ravenous dog at a buffet table, I scheme my super-hero productivity with a list that’s way too long for a single day, but I’ll have fun trying. Two cups of coffee, supplies ready, and an audio book in the queue (State of Wonder by Ann Patchett); On your mark, Get set, GO!   Art Quote A facility of hand is one of …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media (watercolor & colored pencil): Cabin Getaway

Cabin Getaway 8×3.5 Watercolor &  Colored Pencil   Family History as Inspiration There’s a small, barely map-worthy lake in the Connecticut town I grew up in.  I didn’t spend time there as a kid, but later, after moving to California and exploring my family’s history & genealogy,  I discovered photos of sailing and family gatherings from the late 1930’s on the lake. With a little research, I found that my grandfather and one of his brothers purchased/built side-by-side cabins on the lake, and most of the nine siblings enjoyed summers boating, swimming and barbecuing on the water with their families, until all the …[Continue reading]


Monotype: Back Yard Vacation (& a video tutorial on monotype printmaking without a press from Akua)

Back Yard Vacation 4×6 dark field Monotype with colored pencil Back Yard Vacation was created using the same process as the last post (see images below). The reference photo was taken at a friend’s house in San Diego. They have a lovely pool surrounded by palms, geraniums and a privacy hedge. It’s the perfect just-off-the-kitchen place to meander in your pajamas, with morning coffee, to find a comfy chair to plan the day ahead. You go ahead and take that chair by the peachy umbrella. I’ll sit by the pool and dip my feet in while we chat. 🙂 Back Yard Vacation is …[Continue reading]


Monotype: German Conversations (& Happy 74th Birthday, @ringostarrmusic! #peaceandlove )

German Conversations 6×9 Monotype with colored pencil  A monotype is a very painterly printmaking method, and it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, so it’s perfect for experimenting in a home studio (read: kitchen, dining room, back porch, closet, etc.). I’ve got a video tutorial in the works on the process to make a dark field monotype. In the meantime, this one above was done with intaglio inks on Arches 88 printmaking paper, and I added colored pencils after the it dried.  It’s available in my Etsy shop. In my hand for a sense of scale… On the subject of colored pencil fun, here …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Yellow Sheets (and a STUDIO SALE!)

Yellow Sheets 6 x 9 Watercolor on paper Sold Thanks for all your nice emails and replies on the Marthe Armitage linocut wallpaper video I shared in my last post. I’m glad so many of you loved it as much as I did. Kindred spirits. 🙂 What sort of gems (art videos, blogs, etc.) have you stumbled upon lately? If you’re not subscribed to my mailing list, you might have missed my newsletter announcing a Spring sale in my Etsy shop.  Use coupon code HAPPYSPRING during checkout for 25% off, till Friday, April 18th. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog


Intaglio Drypoint on Plexiglass – Coffee & Roses

Coffee and Roses 5.5×4.25 Drypoint on Gray Rives paper with watercolor Drypoint Engraving on Plexiglass This little drypoint engraving was an experiment with materials. In recent years, I’ve done drypoints on clear plexiglass plates, but I have difficulty seeing my line work as I’m drawing with the scribe/needle. I bought a sheet of opaque black plexiglass to see if my mark-making would be more evident on the darker acrylic. You can see a video of the preparation of the plate, and the experiment here on my youtube channel. Adding watercolor to the drypoint   Pulling a print on my Takach etching press   …[Continue reading]


Drawing: Jaimie

Jaimie 2.5×2.5 graphite on paper In two weeks, I’ll be showing my work at the San Diego Artwalk, and the weekend after that, I’ll be at the Sierra Madre Art Fair. The details for both shows are in a newsletter I sent to my mailing list last week. If you’re not on my mailing list, you can see the newsletter here. And, if you’d like, feel free to sign up for the newsletter here. (Your info will never be share, ever, with anyone.) Prepping for art festivals involves a lot of “paper clips” style of productivity in the studio; matting and framing, making …[Continue reading]

Portrait Study – Lury 18×16 Charcoal on Canford paper

Drawing: Portrait Study-Lury (& Daniel Sprick workshop)

Re-Charge Your Mojo Last week, I went to Monterey, CA to attend Weekend with the Masters – the art workshop and conference hosted by American Artist magazine and a handful of art supply vendors. Just like last year, I left the event on the verge of spontaneous combustion of the brain. Hundreds of artists from all over the U.S. are under the same roof for four days; the all-art-all-the-time energy was palpable and fascinating. (Imagine talking about brushes & various papers for an hour over lunch with no one getting bored! Or just by chance, meeting a group of attendees who have admired the …[Continue reading]