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Watercolor – Nested (and my Patreon page)

Nourish your Creative Self Advice for Life Thank goodness brilliant minds take time to document ideas, creations and formulas. Especially these days, with storm clouds all around. Where would we be without the written word, or art supplies? You and I have the option to pour over the masterful conclusions scribbled and painted by smart people who lived centuries before us. Populations have previously wrung their hands, knit their brows and scribbled solutions toward figuring things out. We probably don’t need to sit in a foggy slump, stained by events we can’t control, or stuck on a problem. Let’s try taking a deep breath, …[Continue reading]


Watercolor of Sunlit Rooms and Daily Paintworks Monthly Art Challenge

Study for Den 8 x 6 Watercolor on Strathmore 300 Bristol Available in a Fund Raising Auction to help the people of Japan at the Daily Paintworks Challenge here. Sold I am very fortunate to belong to a collective of artists who are all incredibly accomplished painters: Daily Paintworks. Take a look at the web site to see what I mean about the talent. Pretty nice work, eh? All the members are very present on the internet, and many of them exhibit in galleries, teach workshops, travel to shows and juggle multiple hats in their art careers. One of the things the group …[Continue reading]