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Dark Field Monotype with Watercolor and Colored Pencil – San Juan Capistrano Bell

San Juan Capistrano Bell, 4 x 6 dark field monotype with watercolor and colored pencil (sold) Getting Ready to Make a Monotype This (below) is a 4 x 6 zinc plate, with beveled edges – since I’ll be printing this on a press. After rolling a smooth, thin layer of black printmaking ink on the plate, I’ll use cotton swabs, rolled paper towel pointers, blending stomps and a rubber gloved fingertip to pull ink from the plate in a subtractive process to create an image of the San Juan Capistrano Bell Tower in Southern California. Have you made one of these yet? Ready …[Continue reading]


Graphite, Watercolor and Colored Pencil Portrait: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time 9.5 x 8.5 Mixed Media portrait in Graphite, Watercolor and Colored Pencil (available in my Etsy Shop here) For the Love of Words Have you ever staged a painting based on a series of images? I have a collection of inspiring art saved in a few categories on Pinterest, and one of them features readers. I love books (I’m listening to this one right now), and the escape to other places, with imagined people, with their loves, longings, humor, and fate is such a great pleasure for me. The magic of words and writers, and the worlds they paint …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media – Sur la Sorgue Sunday Market

Loss and Perspective Loss puts a magnifying glass on the concept of time. A sweet, kind, joyfully positive friend of mine died last month. Grief and good memories shared with a community of people who loved her has been a salve on my bereaved heart. Making art and planning new paintings helps enormously too. She would like that part; planning and being excited for all things related to Potential. What Do We Say? Knowing what to say to a family suffering a loss is challenging.  Feelings get tangled in social skill hiccups, bereavement diplomacy, and the delicate balance of expressing your grief in …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Tiger Lily Polka Dot (& using colored pencil on watercolors)

I’ve posted a new watercolor & colored pencil tutorial on my youtube channel with this mini still life floral (above). New artists have asked about using colored pencil over watercolors, so this video demonstration is a short primer on the supplies, and sequence of some mixed media fun on a watercolor. I love colored pencils by themselves, and they’re an excellent addition to printmaking, but they also do a fine job of adding a little Shazam! to a watercolor that needs a pinch of je ne sais quoi.  If you have a secret cupboard of frowny-face watercolors that need refinement, repair, or a second chance, perhaps the time that’s passed since you …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: First Swim

I’m matting and framing watercolors and printmaking for the Artwalk in San Diego’s Little Italy coming up in a little over two weeks. If you’re nearby, be sure to stop at my booth (#192) on Beech Street between Columbia and State to say hello. Every year, I meet a gaggle of bloggers and blog followers, and it’s always a lovely face-to-face social media treat. It’s been a busy year in the studio, and there are changes on my horizon, so I’ll have a lot of art at the festival.  😎  As a lover of water and swimming, a baby’s first swim is a moment near & dear …[Continue reading]


Drypoint Mixed Media: Bird on her shoulder (& a drypoint technique video from Crown Press)

Bird on her shoulder 5 x 7 inch drypoint engraving with colored pencil (2nd AP) Sold I’ve fixed a little glitch in my rss feed, so you may have missed the last two posts, and news of a sale in my Etsy shop.  There are over 200 pieces of art to peruse, so click on over and have a look.   Use the code DECEMBERSALE during check-out in my shop for 20% off everything in the store till Christmas eve!    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments here, or email me directly.  And don’t forget to Subscribe via Email to this blog for fresh art delivered to your …[Continue reading]


Gelli Printmaking: Blending into the Circus

Blending into the Circus 6×6 Gelli Print Monotype with watercolor & colored pencil The last time I posted about using gelli monotypes as a background for mixed media, I had an idea in mind when I started the portrait. This time, I let the patterns and shapes in the print suggest the subject, and the monotype turned into a cautious girl, at a circus near a pot of red flowers. Random, I know, but it was fun. The process shots begin below, and the art is listed in my Etsy shop here. If you’re unfamiliar with gelli printing (no press!), see the video …[Continue reading]


Mixed Media – Uncle Al and Aunt Florence in 1940

Uncle Alfonse & Aunt Florence, 1940  5.75 x 5.5  Mixed Media on paper Mixed Media Demo I just posted a video demonstration of this little mixed media portrait on my youtube channel. The art was created with graphite, watercolor, colored pencil and hand carved rubber stamps. Pencil drawing on plate finish bristol paper, to start…. Don’t Throw that Away The eraser rubber stamps used to create pattern in the background of the art in this post were carved a couple of decades ago. It’s a good thing I didn’t throw them away, eh? #artsupplyhoarding  If you have a shoe box in the closet …[Continue reading]


Watercolor: Patrick’s Roadhouse, Pondering

Patrick’s Roadhouse, Pondering 8.25×7.25 watercolor with colored pencilAvailable in my Etsy Shop The Thousand Oaks Artwalk was fantastic. My studio is cluttered with post-art-festival gear, framed art, packaging and a long list of To-Do’s. I’ll get everything sorted and put away by early next week, but in the meantime, I tip my hat to the posse of volunteers who put these art events together. Art Festival coordination is a monumental task, and the organization of several hundred [emotive] artists, while marketing an event against a season filled with graduations and proms, and preparing for weather in the 90’s on blacktop pavement is sort …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Good Morning. Feed Us.

Good Morning. Feed Us. 7×7 Collagraph with Colored Pencil Available in my Etsy Shop. Sold Process shots for this collagraph begin at the bottom of the post, and previous collagraphs in this series can be seen here, here, here and here. After a few decades of living with cats, I’ve shuffled into my early morning kitchen, headed for the coffee pot, and encountered this view many times. The current obstacle course is just one cat (who will rapid-fire paw-box the backs of our legs while standing on his hind quarters if we walk away from his empty plate to get coffee first), but …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Man Among the Palms

Man Among the Palms 5.75×5 collagraph with colored pencil  sold Available in my Etsy ShopI made the plate for this print 5 years ago, while experimenting with the abstract effects of layered construction paper on collagraphs.  I have two new collagraphs using this same process in the studio now, and it’s always interesting to see how work evolves, and skitters off into new directions when you repeat a process enough to get familiar with it’s potential. I added a tint of color to this black ink print with colored pencil, buffed into the paper to give it a soft, expressionistic look. The process shots …[Continue reading]


Linocut: Dualities

Dualities 4×7.5 Linocut with colored pencil  Sold Available in my Etsy shop.This linocut – Dualities – was an experiment in two parts; I printed white ink on a black background to reverse my usual carving approach & I wanted to see if white ink would be a fun base for layering colored pencils. Usually, my linocuts are printed with black ink on white paper so all the light spaces are carved out of the block. In this case, I carved away anything that was dark or in shadow, where the black paper would show through.  (Brain aerobics for the printmaker.) The colored pencil …[Continue reading]


Silk Aquatint: Reflecting

Reflecting 5.25×4.5 Silk Aquatint on BFK Rives paper, with colored pencil Process shots begin at the bottom of this post I’ve been intrigued with the soft, gradient effects of aquatint in etching for awhile now, but the supplies needed are pretty specific and a bit too toxic for me to have in my home studio (check out this video from Crown Point Press to see how it’s done).  A few years ago, I read about silk aquatints online. The idea that I could get a gradient plate tone, and a painterly print, with water soluble materials (no acid) really rings my bell! So, …[Continue reading]