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Collagraph with Carborundum – Sinking In

Sinking In 5.5 x 7 Collagraph Print (Available in my Etsy Shop here) How to Make a Collagraph using Carborundum This collagraph was build on the back of a piece of mat board. Wanna build one too? (If you’re new around here, and you’ve never seen a mat board collagraph, here is a playlist of tutorials on my YouTube channel to help you get started.) Read on…. Collagraph Plate Making Process After sketching a young woman’s face and hair with watercolor on the verso of a scrap piece of mat board, I used a standard #11 exacto knife to incise lines around shapes …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Garden Watch – and inking tutorials for collagraph plates and printing

Mat Board Collagraph Versatility Have you ever made a mat board collagraph? If not, and you want to try it, visit this post for a detailed overview on making your first collagraph plate. If you’ve already created mat board collagraphs, do you print them just one way? Intaglio (with the uppermost surface cleared and wiped, and the recessed areas loaded with ink, to print from the “basement” of the plate)? Or Relief prints – applying and printing ink only from the uppermost part of the plate – or the “roof”, leaving the recessed areas blank? [NOTE: If you have trouble distinguishing between printmaking …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: First Swim

I’m matting and framing watercolors and printmaking for the Artwalk in San Diego’s Little Italy coming up in a little over two weeks. If you’re nearby, be sure to stop at my booth (#192) on Beech Street between Columbia and State to say hello. Every year, I meet a gaggle of bloggers and blog followers, and it’s always a lovely face-to-face social media treat. It’s been a busy year in the studio, and there are changes on my horizon, so I’ll have a lot of art at the festival.  😎  As a lover of water and swimming, a baby’s first swim is a moment near & dear …[Continue reading]


Glue Collagraph: Plotting a Course

This art is available in my Etsy Shop Plotting a Course is a glue collagraph ghost (the process shots begin at the bottom of this post) with watercolor. The reference image (seen below) was snapped in the early 80’s, showing my step dad TC sitting in the cockpit of his Cape Dory sailboat, studying a paper chart (slated to cease production in favor of digital charts).  The subject is someone near and dear to me, but I also like the geometry of the marina and boat parts around him. There isn’t a discernible boat in the composition, but if you’ve been around boats at …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Breakfast Alarm

Breakfast Alarm 7×7 Collagraph with colored pencil on Arches paper How do you make a Collagraph? This collagraph (process shots begin at the bottom) was created with scrap mat board (also known as mount board in England and passe-partout in Europe). The reverse side of the mat is smooth, with no “tooth” in the surface, so once it is sealed with a gloss, it’s ideal for clearing ink when you want light areas on your print. For full creative control, you can add texture to hold ink, and create dark, rich passages by applying carborundum – also known as sand-paper grit. Control Darks and Lights Carborundum …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Climber

Climber 7×7 Collagraph with colored pencil on Arches paper Sold Available in my Etsy shop.Process shots begin at the bottom of this post. This is the fourth collagraph in a series (you can see the others here, here, and here) and I’m having a gluttonously good time in the studio making and printing these plates. They are so simple, but they offer an abundance of variation for subject matter, texture, colors and atmosphere. I’ve always loved painterly printmaking techniques (one of the reasons I love making dark field monotypes), but these are great because I can print a small edition (in this case, ten) …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers 7×7 Collagraph with colored pencil on Arches paper Available in my Etsy Shop. Process shots for this collagraph (sometimes spelled collograph) begin at the bottom of this post. If you’d like to make one, you can see others in process, with details on the assembly and supplies here and here and here. Go ahead – Make something. :o) The reference photo for this was snapped by MKH (thanks, darlin’) on a beach in Oahu two years ago,  while my husband and grandson were building sand castles.  I’ve had it in a “To be Painted” file ever since, because I love the …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: First Swim

First Swim 7×7 Collagraph printed with Akua Intaglio ink on Johannot paper, with colored pencil Available in my Etsy Shop.SoldThanks to CE for letting me use her lovely photo as a reference for this piece.In the last post, I was marveling about the art & riding a wave of inspiration from re-reading Alice Carter’s fabulous book, The Red Rose Girls. I’m still reading, and swooning over the imagery. I’ve got a stack of scrap mat board, a scribbled list of ideas for collagraphs, and it’s a new year in a clean(ish) studio. If I work fast at the onset of an inspiration-avalanche, I …[Continue reading]


Collagraph: Garden Meditation – and how to make a collagraph with carborundum

Available in my Etsy shop. Making a Figurative Collagraph Before we make a collagraph, let’s get inspired. Have a look at Alice Carter’s excellent book – The Red Rose Girls – An Uncommon Story of Art and Love. The true story chronicles the lives, careers and friendships between famous artists Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935), Elizabeth Shippen Green (1871-1954) and Violet Oakley (1874-1961).  Their work ethic and resourcefulness is inspiring given they were making a living as artists when those skills were surely a man’s job.  Their amazing work was created over one hundred years ago, and I wonder about their methods, materials, inspiration and daily routines.  You …[Continue reading]


Collagraph Printmaking: Cape Dory Book Club

How to Make a Mat Board Collagraph Would you like to try some printmaking with scrap matboard? Here’s a playlist of step by step demos on how to make a collagraph print in tutorial videos posted on my youtube channel.  And this blog post will show you – in photos – some of the supplies and steps, so you can make an intaglio style mat board collagraph too. You don’t need a press, and you can trace your image! Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of supplies with links, so you can see what they look like if you’re …[Continue reading]