a still life in watercolor of roses in a bud vase and a bowl of plums on a windowsill reflected in kitchen counter tiles

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5 Instagram Artists Painting Still Life in Watercolor

While we’re hunkering down and staying home, it’s nice to peruse some beautiful still life in watercolor. Seeing the fruits of another artist’s labor adds loft to a flat day, and encourages us to grab art supplies, and practice.

(You weren’t thinking about comparing your work to their’s, were you? If so, read this on the perils of comparison, or this one on artists’ jealousy. Focus on the inspiration, and Stoppitt with the comparison.)

I think my very first love in watercolor was still life painting. It’s such an excellent subject to start with, don’t you think? Take a look at these talented watercolor painters sharing their still life paintings on Instagram, and be inspired.

Matthew-Bird-Watercolor of books, roses, cheese, a pear and salami
Have a look at Matthew Bird’s still life watercolor paintings on Instagram over here.
Tamara-Kamaeva still life in watercolor pf pottery, platters, olive oil, scallions and fish
A lovely still life in watercolor in front of the arrangement, in beautiful, muted tones by Tamara Kamaeva. Much of her posts are in oil paint, but scroll through to see her lovely watercolors.
Beautiful, petite watercolor rinse cup I’m thinking about adding to my studio table….
A watercolor still life in process with a cat coming into the frame
I think Maria Mishkareva has the same issue with cat hair in her pigments that I do. Her still lifes in watercolors are beautiful, so have a look.
a still life painting of roses by Tati Shundeeva
Do you know the painter Tati Shundeeva? Her watercolors include still life, figures, animals and landscapes.
Have fun perusing her incredible talent, and be sure to look at her videos.
a floral watercolor still life painting by Elke Memmler
The energy and color in Elke Memmler’s watercolors makes me race to my brushes to paint something.
Have a look at her gorgeous instagram feed.

Paint a Still Life Today?

So there are 5 still life watercolor artists on instagram to peruse and follow, if you like their work. It’;s interesting to me that so many still life artists using watercolor paint florals. I’m curious to see other subjects in still life watercolor – like food art, room vignettes, or single color studies (EX: all white, like eggs, a milk glass pitcher and a dove). What are you favorites?

I hope you feel inspired, encouraged and ready to paint something new. Maybe even today? Did you harvest any tips or tricks from looking at the feeds on either of the artists shared here?

If you have a follow a watercolor artist working in still life, please share a link in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the next post –


P.S. I just finished listening to this book, and enjoyed it very much. Have tou read it? What did you think?

a still life in watercolor of roses in a bud vase and a bowl of plums on a windowsill reflected in kitchen counter tiles
Sabino Fish & Plums 6×8 inches Watercolor on paper

Art Quote

A painter is someone who wipes the windowpane between the world and us with light, with a rag made of light, soaked in silence.

Christian Bobin
how to spend more time making art
Visit SixTipstoPaintMore.com to watch a free video that will encourage you to paint more often.

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7 thoughts on “Still Life in Watercolor- 5 Painters on Instagram”

  1. Love Elke’s Watercolors—wow! Thanks for sharing. Love still life too. I remember seeing a still life by Gauguin as a child and was entranced. Hooked me into being an artist. Maybe I’ll try a monotype still life today! Have you tried watercolor with the gel plate? Love your posts Belinda—thank you!

    1. Hi Ann, I’m glad you like Elke’s work too! I hope you DO try a monotype still life today! Please share if you do. On the gelli plate, I’ve done very little experimentation and never watercolor. If you give it a go, report back so we can deploy whatever tips and tricks you come up with!

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