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Library Cat 4×4 Aquatint w/ colored pencil

I framed this little guy to bring to the Sierra Madre Art Fair this weekend. (If you’re near Los Angeles, CA, swing by and say hello.)  He’s small and cute, and he fits nicely with some of the other petite printmaking art I’ll have hanging in my booth. The process shots for this silk aquatint are below, but if you need more details to try making one, you might look at this post, or search this blog for the word aquatint to see more of my experiments with this excellent, non-toxic printmaking method. I have some bigger format ideas to try this summer, and I can’t wait to get started. 🙂  See you in Sierra Madre!

Library Cat framed

Library Cat with a little color added

Pulling the print after a trip through the press

Wiping the plate with Akua tarlatan cloth before going into the press bed
Using scrap mat board to apply ink to the plate
Inking the plate: Akua Intaglio in Graphite, mixed 50/50 with Akua transparent base

Art Quote

Actually, it goes the other way

Wouldn’t it be great to be gifted? In fact…
It turns out that choices lead to habits.
Habits become talents.
Talents are labeled gifts.
You’re not born this way, you get this way.

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1 thought on “Silk Aquatint with Colored Pencil: Library Cat”

  1. Love this one. I’ve had more than one black and white cat. The cutest. And I love the Seth Godin quote, because I love him too. Super!


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