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 Dusk 6.5 x 5.5 Silk Aquatint with colored pencil on Rives BFK paper
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I’m still experimenting with silk aquatint printmaking: different ratios of acrylic paint, acrylic gel and acrylic medium to get the resulting “what you see is what you get” on the print. So far, I’m getting a little too much tone printing in areas I’ve painted out, so I think it’s time to order some silk screen fabric in the recommended weave. I have a few more plates already made and underway with this synthetic silk organza, so I’ll print them for the practice, but I’m curious to see the difference with another fabric choice adhered to the plate.  Stay tuned, and I’ll share my discoveries here.

 Painting the image on the plate (mat board sealed with acrylic medium, painted with black acrylic paint and covered with synthetic silk organza).

 Inking the plate with Akua Intaglio graphite colored ink, and wiping with tarlatan.

Pulling the print after a trip through the press.

Art Quote
“Edgar is so absorbed by his painting that he writes no one in spite of our remonstrances. That doesn’t keep him from thinking of you often and very much wanting to see you. When will his wishes, which are also ours, be realized?… The violin lessons proceed, but very slowly. It’s atrociously difficult. Edgar is learning it too.”
Letter from Edgar Degas’ brother Rene from Paris in January 1861

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  1. Love this and the one that precedes it. I love the word “remonstrances” in the quote. Lovely thought.

    (Major computer problems lately. Will write soon.)

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