How to Find Your Collectors – Selling Your Art

Milk Pitcher Roses 14.75 x 13.5 Watercolor Floral Still Life on paper (sold) Artistic Affinities – and How to Sell Your Art I need to tell you a story to explain the importance of finding *your* art collectors…. Hang with me, here. The watercolor floral still life above was very influenced by my grandparent’s New […]


Watercolor Sketching – Chateau Landscape Study, and art links for you

Chateau Landscape Study – moleskine watercolor sketch Summertime Pace of Art-Making I traveled to France to work as crew twice with a wonderful company called The bank of travel photos and watercolor sketches made on each trip is a dip into time travel, and a mine of inspiration. When I scroll through the photos, […]


5 Printmakers to follow on Instagram, Vol. 2 and a Monotype

Picnic Nap 8×6 Monotype Ghost with Watercolor & Colored Pencil (Available in my Etsy Shop) Using Other Media on Your Monotypes This monotype ghost print looked a little dubious all by itself (see below), but it had potential. The mark-making still visible in the thin veil of ink was interesting, but the tonal variations were […]


11 Reasons Beginners should Make Small Art

Study for Frenchy’s 5 x 8 inch Pen and Ink/Watercolor sketch Painting Small Studies In the chain of Islands off the coast of the town I live in, the coves and anchorages all have names. Some are based on geographical features – like Keyhole Rock (see below) – and others are named after the history […]


Watercolor – Queensboro

Queensboro 18 x 14 watercolor painting on paper (sold) Upcoming Video Courses My studio is a tangle of audio cables, lights, tripods and video equipment. I’m filming new courses for my online school Belinda Tips. If you haven’t registered for your free account over there, go ahead and do that so you’ll get notified when […]


Watercolor Painting – Winter Cat Garden, and watercolor links for you

Winter Cat Garden 8×10 watercolor on Strathmore Plate Finish Bristol (sold) Shades of Gray for your Watercolor Palette Here is a Winsor & Newton demo video of three different grays to consider for your watercolor palette. Each of them are mixed with manganese blue and carmine for variations and tonal shift transitions into beautiful color […]


Watercolor – Klondike

Klondike 8×10 watercolor on fabriano artistico paper (available in my Etsy shop) I’ve been following Marc Taro Holmes‘ 30×30 project (read his first post about it here). Have you? His close up shots of the watercolor pigment Lunar Black by Daniel Smith were so lovely, I scrambled to my box of watercolor tubes to see […]


Architectural Watercolor: Albanian Apartment Building

Study for Albanian Apartment Building 10 x 7 Watercolor on paper (sold) Jewel Watercolors from Winsor & Newton With summertime approaching in the US and Europe, painting with watercolors in the garden could be in your future. Especially with the news that Winsor & Newton has stocked their previously limited release jewel tone watercolors. I […]


In Remembrance of Charles Reid (1937-2019)

Charles and Judy Reid, Los Angeles 2009 Charles Clark Reid (1937-2019) I was adding a photo and a link to a blog post on my Facebook page, when I caught this announcement on the Charles Reid Page as it scrolled into my feed: On Saturday I lost one of the most incredible people I have […]

sinkingin2.6.7.25x6300 1

Collagraph with Carborundum – Sinking In

Sinking In 5.5 x 7 Collagraph Print (Available in my Etsy Shop here) How to Make a Collagraph using Carborundum This collagraph was build on the back of a piece of mat board. Wanna build one too? (If you’re new around here, and you’ve never seen a mat board collagraph, here is a playlist of […]