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Monotype printmaking: Santa Barbara Harbor Surfers

Santa Barbara Harbor Surfers 8.5×10.5 Monotype with watercolor and colored pencil

Available in my Etsy shop.
This loose, impressionistic monotype was painted and pulled during the same art marathon as this one. Art-making speed sessions in the studio with a good audio book, a cup of tea, and plenty of pigments, paper and reference photos works like a salve.  It’ll cure you of your ills, shake the shadows from your brain, and flush your heart with creative swell.  If you haven’t done anything creative in awhile, I hope you can make a little space in your day soon, and have at it. 🙂

If a workshop would be a better way to exercise your creative mojo, and you live in or near Massachusetts, check out Mixit Print Studio, where they’re offering workshops on monotypes and Akua Inks, etc. Have fun!

After going through the press; pulling the monotype
Painting loosely on mylar from small thumbnail cell phone photos with Akua Inks

P.S. I just uploaded a brief, five minute overview of drypoint printmaking using a plexiglass plate, akua inks and the à la poupée inking method. You can see it here.

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In an era of electronic communication, it is often forgotten that in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, illustrated books and periodicals were the only vehicle for bringing images of the world into American homes. Weekly magazines with serialized stories generated the same anticipation as a favorite weekly television program. Books by important authors were greeted with the same excitement as major motion pictures. New productions were enthusiastically reviewed, and illustrations hung next to paintings in the nation’s most prestigious exhibitions. In the years following the civil war, it was not unusual for illustrators to enjoy financial success, widespread fame and a lifestyle of luxury…
Alice Carter – Red Rose Girls: an Uncommon Story of Art and Love

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