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Grange 4×3 Woodcut with watercolor and colored pencil

Available in my Etsy Shop.
I have a couple of new wood/linocut printmaking video tutorials in the works, so stay tuned (or subscribe to the channel) to catch them. If you have a particular method of printmaking you’d like to see in a video, leave me a note in the comments. I’ve been really enjoying the dialog back and forth with so many of you about the videos, so keep your comments, emails & questions coming. We’re having an art-making-process party across the miles. Happy making!

Little woodcut process

It’s inspiring to visit other artist’s studios, to see their set up and watch them work – and digital media makes that possible from miles (and sometimes decades) away. This is a little seven minute video on Leon Loughridge, a woodcut artist I really admire. Have a look, and be inspired. 🙂 If you’re reading this via an email subscription, the video can be seen here.

Art Quote
Watercolor [studies] are very spontaneous, very quick. And then, I love moving into something that is more methodical [woodcuts from the studies], but being able to keep that spontaneity in that methodical process is very exciting for me.
Leon Loughridge, woodcut printmaker

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