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 I’ve posted a new video tutorial (below) on the process to print this line-style mat board collagraph, Harmony House.  Since folks have described challenges finding small pieces of mat board for this method of printmaking, I’ve cut a dozen 5×7 pieces and I’ll mail them (domestic only, please), first come, first served to the fastest askers, with a piece of non-skid (see the video for usage) to get you started. Leave a comment on this post if you’re interested.  You can explore the More Info section beneath the video window to access resource links I’ve assembled for varnish, ink & paper.
Want a pice of mat board & non-skid to make a collagraph?
After you’ve made a mat board collagraph, post your awesome art on my facebook page so we can Oooo and Ahhhh &cheer you on.
Happy New Year!
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Fresh from the press: a monochrome version of Harmony House
Pulling the print after a trip through the press
Inking & wiping the plate
Carving line-work into the mat board with my reference photo nearby
(Thanks to TC for the inspirational photo! XO)
a portrait of a farmhouse printed from a sheet of mat board and colored by hand
Harmony House 6×8 Collagraph with colored pencil Available in my Etsy Shop
Here is a 14 minute video tutorial of the process so you can make one too. Subscribers have asked for a longer, slower video of this process (I usually post 3-6 minutes), so I hope this helps some of you that asked for more details and specifics on the process. If it still feels too fast, remember that you can pause, rewind, take notes, watch it again (and again), and you’re always welcome to leave questions in the comment section of the video.  (If you get this post via email or rss, and you don’t see the video window below, you can watch it on youtube here.)

Art Quote
It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people, that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves like grass. Yet regardless of where they come from, I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with them — with the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and their possession in my arms, captured and carried off to myself. Still illiterate, I was ready for them, committed to all the reading I could give them …
~Eudora Welty

Save for later & Share!

10 thoughts on “Mat Board Collagraph: Harmony House (& a new process video)”

  1. Hi, I don’t need mount board but I do want to thank you for the clear, concise instructions. I am a beginner and I learned so much from you. Thanks again

  2. Gaelyn Wagner

    I would love some matboard if it is not too much trouble! I want to try this technique!

  3. I watched your shorter YouTube video on the process and thought it was your best yet and very inspiring! So i am planning on picking I some scrap mat board next time I make it to the art store. But I’ll take a piece if you don’t mind the trouble. Then I’ll definitely do it!

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