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Dogs as Art Models

There’s an adorable, shiny black lab who insists on sharing my cheese and crackers when we hang out.

It’s impossible to resist cracker division with this big love of a lap dog, and it gives me opportunities for surreptitious snapshots to make art.

I just dropped off one of these linocut prints (an edition of 10) in lieu of a modeling fee. It’s a good thing when artists take care of their models. Bartering is a long tradition in the arts. Modeling in exchange for cracker bits, and free artwork. 🙂

using a brayer to roll ink on the blog for a test print (artist’s proof)
Carving in one direction in case I decide to leave some background texture for interest
Deciding where to cut and what to leave with the help of a sharpie marker.
Testing watercolor mixes and lifting on swatches of different paper

How to Choose Watercolor Paper

If you’re new to watercolor, and you get a creased-brow standing in front of the watercolor paper options at an art store (in person or online), I have something for you.

I built a downloadable 3-page primer on watercolor paper because I wish I had one when I first started painting.

You can get it emailed to you by clicking on this Watercolor Paper 101 link.  I hope it’s helpful to you.

Have an experimental week, and I’ll see you in the next post!


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Dapper Lab 7.5×3.75 Linocut with watercolor Available here.
Handsome devil. 🙂

Art Quote

People love dogs. This is, I hope, the least surprising sentence you will read in this book. I myself have had long discussions with my dog friends, and by that I mean my friends who are dogs.

Bill Nye

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5 thoughts on “Making Linocut Prints of Your Dog”

  1. This is my favorite!!!! I love this dog. It reminds me of what our Labs do. Stealing food. Rosie can do it in the same room that I’m in without me even noticing. Labs…..Got to love them!!!

  2. Love this Lab, and your wonderful post. My parents had a beautiful lab called
    Chrissy when I was growing up. I’m sure she’s the reason why I love
    dogs. I know I’d love this one, and love your work.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

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