Linocut: Chinook (Salmon) [& my sister] :)

Chinook (Salmon) 4×6 Linocut with Watercolor
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I have a *series* of quirky, fun linocuts under way. The first one was called Stag, a few posts back, and it features my paternal grandfather, and avid hunter of deer, pheasant and rabbit, with a buck standing behind him. This image – Chinook, is based on a photo I love of my sister when she worked at the Department of Fish & Game in Alaska.  
The next linocut will be my grandmother and aunt, with some parrots. I’ve got a list of family members and close friends to inspire these linocuts, each with an animal, insect or bird, etc.  The selection of who keeps each person company in the image is significant to that individual’s personality, or work, or affinity for animals. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Carving everything but the drawing I laid on the block

Prepping Akuakolor ink with Tack Thickener for a test print of Chinook

Rolling Akua ink onto the linocut

After pulling the first test print

Art Quote
I remember his saying, “If you paint a man leaning over, your own back must ache.” He taught me to feel the cheekbones and eye sockets. (I combed Christina’s hair many times, and felt the drops of sweat on her neck and brow.) You can’t look out of the corners of your eyes and paint a good portrait.
Andrew Wyeth, talking about his father, N.C. Wyeth  ~Conversations with Artists, by Seldon Rodman

3 thoughts on “Linocut: Chinook (Salmon) [& my sister] :)”

  1. @Heather, thanks for the compliment and congrats on carving your first block!
    @Barbara, with a parrot greeting like that every morning, the day is bound to be a good one! Thanks for your note, and I hope you *do* paint that portrait.

  2. Love this, and love the quote. So true. Great series. I love the idea. The lady who walks our dog when we can’t be home says she doesn’t have a dog anymore, just a parrot named Parker, who says, “Hi Mom, want some coffee?” in the morning when she wakes up. I immediately thought that that would make a great portrait. Beautiful work. You astound me.


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