Jaimie Mini (2.5 x 2.5 inches) Portrait in Graphite

I found a nice list of tips for using graphite in drawing this morning – check out the article here.

And from the same studio, here are some fantastic drawing videos.

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Happy July 4th!

Art Quote

Start the drawing in the middle of the face. Find an anchor; a tear duct or a brow ridge, and walk the pencil from one shadow edge to another – not lines, just masses & shapes – no eye lashes, or nostrils or ears. Document the geometry of what you see, measured in the smallest increments.
Use calipers; have a black and white photo of your subject the same size as your drawing, and use calipers to measure the pupils on the reference photo, and then the pupils on the drawing. Keep making adjustments to the masses until the features are right.
~Susan Lyon (workshop notes)

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5 thoughts on “Graphite Drawing: Jaimie (& tips on drawing with pencil)”

    1. Hello my friend, Thanks for the visit and the compliments. Calipers are handy. I use them for perspective and line-work more than faces. Not very different from using a mirror to flip and image, or a value-filter. Lickety split & done. 🙂

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