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Early Retirement 7×9 Monotype (sold)

Art Supply Gift Ideas for Beginning Artists

Many of my friends and family are new at art, or they’ve *never* done art at all. But they’re interested in dipping-a-toe-in to explore their creative urges. Here is a short list of art supply gift ideas for beginner artists in your life.

There’s an expanding popularity of group paint-along cocktail parties, adult coloring books, and youtube art tutorials that help demystify the art process. That makes me excited for so many people discovering their art-making brains. 

Those beginning artists are extremely fun to shop for, because they usually don’t have any art supplies, and a gift of something maker-ish could inspire their heretofore unrealized artist-self, which could spark an avalanche of creative fun!

Pulling the monotype Early Retirement from the mylar plate after a trip through the press

Gift Ideas for Beginning Artists

The notion of jump-starting someone’s art-making engines must be universal, because there seems to be a wide swath of drawing and painting sets on the market that are heavy on the possibilities, and light on the costs.

If you’ve discovered some cool art supplies for the budding artists in your life, please share them in the comments, and we’ll have a fully equipped round table brainstorm of art-making in short order!

Online Art Classes as Gifts

Creative Live produces comprehensive, fun online classes in a variety of creative arenas. These courses make great gift ideas for beginning artists, because they can learn a new skill from the comfort of home. This post lists a whole bushel of online schools that offer art and craft and cooking and music lessons, etc. Check it out.

4 Basic Art Supply Gift Ideas

69 Piece Art Supply Set Aluminum Case

This set would have sent me into cartwheels of excitement back in the day, before I had art supplies. It may be shy of professional quality pigments, but that will have no impact on the possibilities, fun and output of anyone who gets their hands on this box of goodies.

Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

This is an excellent drawing set, with everything an artist might need to practice line drawing, shading, cross hatch, gesture drawing, and under drawing for painting later. It might be nice to add to this the Strathmore sketch pad, so it’s more of a complete drawing set.

Royal and Langnickel Acrylic Painting Artist Set for Beginners

This set has everything to get an acrylic painter started – all the brushes, paints, palette knives, palette and even an instruction book. If you want an even more comprehensive instruction book to go along with it, you might consider Learn to Paint with Acrylics in 50 small Paintings by Mark Daniel Nelson.

Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils, Set of 36 Assorted Colors

This is a great starter set of colored pencils made by the same company I use – Prismacolor. This is the Verithin line, which has a harder lead, so it doesn’t break as often, and the core sharpens to a very nice point for fine, detailed work. It might be nice to add a pad of Strathmore drawing paper in the 9×12 size if your gift recipient doesn’t already have drawing paper.

All beginner artists should remember that art-making is for experimentation, exploration and fun.

Have Faith in Your Artist Gift Ideas

Don’t be shy to give an artist in your life some fresh new art supplies. Even if they don’t work in the medium you selected, artists will experiment with new supplies. And if you gift something an artist already has, they’ll consume what they’ve got till they need refills. We’re hungry like that. 🙂

If you think of other excellent gift ideas for the beginner artist, leave us a link in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you in the next post!


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3 thoughts on “4 Art Supply Gift Ideas for the Beginning Artist”

  1. Belinda, your Christmas lists are such fun! Hope you do it again next year!

    A few years back, my husband gave me a paper trimmer for Christmas having no idea what he was about to unleash. A passion for printmaking and daily sketching and all sorts of arty fun followed! Art supplies are the best gifts ever!

    Here’s to a creative 2016!

    1. Hi Louise! Isn’t a paper cutter such a great tool for art-making? I never knew till I got one, so bravo to your hubby for that excellent choice of a gift! I’m glad you like the art supply gift ideas… thanks so much for the feedback. 🙂 Happy art-making to you too!

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