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Hand colored collagraph
Sunday Morning 10.25 x 4 Collagraph

Let’s Make a Collagraph, Shall We?

Here is one collagraph in an edition of seven, made from a mat board substrate, printed by hand with ink, and then treated with color using a variety of media; one with watercolor, another with charcoal, a bright and impressionistic version with oil pastel and the print above with colored pencil. One of the many things I love about printmaking is the endless variety of options to play with the art *after* the print is pulled. The art supply cupboard is your oyster! Fiddling with art supplies is on the same plane as eating a good meal, swimming, sitting by the sea or laying in a hammock with a good book. Everything feels better afterwards.

How many times have you reached into your trove of art supplies to play for an hour this month?

I’ve just posted a printmaking tutorial video to encourage mixed media art making fun with mat board collagraphs. Check it out below….

Different Media on single color collagraphs = FUN
Video taping the application of color to the edition of 7
Sunday Morning
Pressing to ink & pulling a print
Sealing the mat board plate with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish
Carving recessed areas to hold in in the mat board

Collagraph Video Tutorial

I’ve posted a video (below) showing the process of hand printing and then hand coloring these collagraph prints with watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal and oil pastel on my youtube channel. If you receive these blog posts via email or rss, and you don’t see the video window below, you can watch it directly on youtube here.

Collagraph Supply List

I post materials used in each video in the ‘show more’ section under the video window on my channel, but many folks have trouble finding that link because they’re either on a mobile device, or they’re unfamiliar with the layout in youtube.   From now on, I’ll post the same materials list with links associated with each new video here on my blog too. I hope it helps you find the supplies you need to make some great art. 🙂

Your own reference photo, and the tutorial video on my youtube channel demonstrating how to make a collagraph plate:

For a subject, select something with simple lines and curves. Example: a plain coffee cup with a few tulips in it would work well… but a cut-crystal vase of daisies might be a bit too much to carve, at first. 🙂

Mat board

Rubber Gloves

Akua Intaglio Ink

Akua Lamp Black intaglio ink

Akua Mag Mix (ink thickener)

Small containers for leftover ink

BFK Rives paper Heavier Weight (for use with a press)

BFK Rives paper (lightweight) for use with hand rub/transfer
(recommended if you plan to add other media)

Kozo Mulberry paper (for hand rub/transfer, not recommended for adding water-media)

Tarlatan cloth

Pointed Q-tips (for spot-clearing ink)

Oil Pastels

Colored Pencil

Charcoal drawing set


Watercolor Brushes


Non-skid liner to secure your plate while inking & wiping

metal ruler with cork back for paper tearing

spatula for mixing/laying out ink

Mylar sheets (tape one down to mix ink on – if you don’t have a piece of glass)

If you have any questions about the process, please leave them in the comment section, and I’ll do my best to answer them quickly! Happy printing!


Art Quote

An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all… feeling is the principle, the beginning and the end; craft, objective, technique – all these are in the middle.

Paul Cezanne 1839-1906

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  1. Wow Belinda, your new site is fantastic! Chock full of your artwork, process and even lets folks get a little glimpse of you. Thank you for your postings and making life more beautiful.

    1. Thanks very much, my friend! A new site has been on the list of To-Do’s for a long time, and I’m so glad to check it off and get back to the brushes! 🙂 xoxo

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