Collagraph using Recycled Cardboard Printed Intaglio Style without a Press

intaglio print of limes in a bowl

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Collagraph using Recycled Cardboard Printed Intaglio Style without a Press

While we were all staying in, I posted a series of printmaking experiments using common items from around the house. I never posted this one – a Collagraph using Recycled Cardboard Printed Intaglio Style without a Press.

Saved from the recycling bin: one side of a tissue box to test the cardboard’s stamina as a collagraph printmaking plate.
After drawing a bowl of limes with a bold tipped ball point pen, I sealed the cardboard with two coats of Liquitex High Gloss Varnish on the front, back and edges. (all supplies are listed below)
After the gloss varnish was dry, I used a scribe (also known as a Whistler’s Needle) to impress grooves into the cardboard all along the drawn lines.
One side of a tissue box, clipped with rounded corners, and sealed front back and edges with Liquitex Professional High Gloss Varnish.
Most of the supplies used to create this print are above, including a stainless steel rolling pin snagged from my kitchen! There is a more comprehensive list with links to supplies and resources below.

Recycled Packaging Prints without a Press Roundup

The recycled tissue box collagraph plate, and the resulting print, transferred with a stainless rolling pin, side by side.
The recycled tissue box collagraph plate and the print after it was painted with watercolors.
Citrus Volcano is a collagraph print, made with an intaglio method of incising lines into a sheet of recycled tissue box cardboard. After printing the plate, I added watercolor. The art is listed in my Etsy Shop over here.
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YouTube for Artists

You’re invited to attend this online event: Thursday, Feb 23, my friend @lorrainewatry_watercolor and I will be talking about YouTube for Artists in a zoom panel at @mastrius.official 

Lorraine and I are both Mastrius Mentors, and we both have painting and printmaking demo based YouTube channels.

Lorraine and I have had art-related YouTube channels since 2009 and 2007, so we’ll share decades worth of insights. Drop a comment to let me know if you have particular questions you’d like us to answer. Here’s where you can sign up to attend.

We’ll be sharing pros and cons, revenue, exposure, cross promotion and All the Things related to YouTube for Artists. Bring your questions, and a friend. Also, have a look at Lorraine’s amazing watercolors to see some skillful and inspiring work.

Until the next post, thanks for stopping in, and have a creative week!


P.S. Lorraine’s YouTube channel is here, and mine is here.

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Supplies to Make an Art Print from a Tissue Box

Here is everything you'll need to make an art print from a tissue box, without using a printing press. In the blog post where I shared some of the process images to make this print - keep in mond that you can also use a recycled box from crackers, cereal, cookies, etc. Whatever is in your pantry, made from cardboard, and appears to be stiff and sturdy.

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