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Collagraph Prints from Matboard

Here are some process photos from a collagraph print session using mat board as the plate, carved with an exact blade, textured with carborundum, and sealed with Liquitex varnish. The plate was inked in the a la poupee method, intaglio style, and printed on a Takach etching press. See more below…

making a collagraph plate
Sealing the drawing on the plate with Liquitex Varnish, using a condo scraper.
making a collagraph plate from mat board
After the sealer is dry, I’m cutting an outline (very shallow) around shapes and peeling the uppermost layer of mat board away
Painting recessed areas of wet Liquitex varnish – and using an eye dropper to sprinkle carborundum onto the wet surface. These areas will hold a lot of ink – even after wiping the plate – because of the texture I’ve added.Now, you can get this as a convenient gel made by Akua – much easier to apply and use!
applying ink to a collagraph plate
Using a bristle paint brush to apply printmaking ink to the plate
printing a collagraph print
After running the collgraph plate through the press against a sheet of soaked and blotted printmaking paper, I’m pulling the print
a boy and his dad on the beach building sand castles
Pulling another collagraph print after another inking, wiping and trip through the etching press
A cluster of collagraph prints drying in the studio

Art Quote

In 1968, Eugenia Parry Janis published Degas Monotypes. It became a catalyst that ignited contemporary interest & artistic research in the field of monotype. She catalogued 321 of Degas’ monotypes. Further study by others puts the number closer to 500. Degas & several artists in his group, most notably Mary Cassatt & Camille Pissarro, decided to use printmaking as a method to strengthen their drawing skills, so for Degas, the immediacy in the monotype process became especially attractive. When viewing Degas’ monotypes, it becomes clear that the process brought his painting & printmaking closer together.

Kurt Wisneski
mat board collagraph
Civil Engineers 7×7 Collagraph with colored pencil on Arches paper (This collagraph print is available matted and framed in my Etsy Shop)
Here is a tutorial video to help you build a collagraph plate from mat board, and then print it without a press.

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