Pen & Ink: Over-due Library Books (and making plans for 2015)

Over-due Library Books 3.5×4.5 Pen & Ink
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In between December’s packed little calendar squares, swollen round with shopping, menu plans, decorating, greeting card distribution, holiday parties and travel, I toss a pillow into the corner of the month somewhere, to sit and think about my art plans for 2015.  It gets me excited with possibilities for the wide-open tundra of the year ahead.

Little art

I started scribbling a list in my studio, and with each line item, my heart beat a little faster with ideas and plans and potential. Do you make an end-of-year list too? What’s on yours?

Make a cup of tea, and a fresh, new list

What? You’re having trouble making a list for next year?  Well, here are some ideas, with links to more details:
*Create an awesome and personalized packing system for shipping your art.

          *Build an inexpensive but flexible camera mount to record art making.
          *Assemble a shadow box to stage still life arrangements for drawing & painting.
          * Build a blog & post your art.
          *Create a system to organize your art reference photos
          *Put a plan together for showing your work at Art Festivals
          *Re-arrange your art studio/work space

If you’re already marinating on art plans for 2015, share them in the comments so we can inspire each other to take a deep breath, pour a beverage, and spend 30 minutes pondering with a pen about this important part of our artsy-lives.

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Art Quote
Take now the clockworks… The clockworks, being genuine and not much to look at, don’t generate the drama of an Earth-tilt or a flying saucer, nor do they seem to offer any immediate panacea for humanity’s fifty-seven varieties of heartburn. But suppose that you’re one of those persons who feels trapped, to some degree, trapped matrimonially, occupationally, educationally or geographically, or trapped in something larger than all those; trapped in a system, or what you might describe as an “increasingly deadening technocracy” or a “theater of paranoia and desperation” or something like that.  Now, if you are one of those persons… wouldn’t the very knowledge that there are clockworks ticking away behind the wallpaper of civilization, unbeknownst to leaders, organizers and managers (the President included), wouldn’t that knowledge, suggesting as it does the possibility of unimaginable alternatives, wouldn’t that knowledge be a bubble bath for your heart?
Tom RobbinsEven Cowgirls Get the Blues

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One Response to Pen & Ink: Over-due Library Books (and making plans for 2015)

  1. Ghislaine BRUNO December 9, 2014 at 12:33 am #

    Thank you for sharing your art plans with us Belinda.
    Mine is to refocus on linocut and to get rid of unnecessary art materials (use, donate, sell, trash) … and to actually make art 🙂

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