Pen & Watercolor: Self Portrait

Self Portrait – Pen and Watercolor on Arches paper

Do You Draw your own Face?

My son saw me working on this self portrait yesterday and asked me how many I’ve done over the years. I think, like most artists, the answer is too many to count.  I’m a cheap model (read: free) and my mug is familiar, which makes at least one element of the challenge more manageable. Have you done self portraits? Do you post them? Please share your thoughts about this practice in the comments.

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Art Quote

Degas showed no reluctance to use himself as a model and painted fifteen self-portraits, all with the same detached, doubt-ridden expression, the same unrelieved anxiety. He was not yet twenty when he painted one that is seen as his first masterpiece, and a memento of his brief stint at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He copied the pose Ingres struck for his famous self-portrait in the Musée Condé at Chantilly.
~H. Loyrette

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One Response to Pen & Watercolor: Self Portrait

  1. Barbara Muir May 19, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    Love it, and the placement of the brush. Very cool. A wonderful face, and much loved by your fans.
    I am one.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

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