Silk Aquatint (Ghost): An Affinity for Palm Trees

 An Affinity for Palm Trees 4×4 Aquatint Artist Proof (Ghost) with watercolor
Available on Etsy.
Continuing with Aquatint experiments here, I’ve painted another little plate with a blended 1/5 ratio of white acrylic paint and acrylic medium. The reference is based loosely on a photo I snapped of my sister, when she was visiting a few weeks ago from Alaska. The process shots start at the bottom, but I’ve already altered the plate with more layers of paint/gel, and will share the black & white print – sans any other mediums, as soon as I print it. 
I rubbed a thin layer of transparent base on the plate, and pulled a ghost to see how the values would read. After this was dry, I added watercolor to get the little proof at the top of this post.

After a trip through the press on Revere paper, the resulting print has lost some of the more subtle tones in the painting on the plate, so I know I need to go back and fill more of the cross hatch of the silk fabric with paint.

Wiping the plate with tarlatan

After the plate was dry, getting ready to apply Akua Intaglio ink in Graphite color, cut 50/50 with transparent base.

Painting the plate with acrylic medium and white acrylic paint in a 5/1 ratio.

Art Quote
David Kiekl, Curator of Prints, Whitney Museum of American Art, lamented at his recent lecture at the Huntington Library in pasadena, California, Printmaking Now; Cycles of Tradition, Innovation and Change,”We know far too little of the printmaking which occurred west of the Mississppi between the two world wars. These stories need to be told before we can piece together the quilt of printmaking in America.”  ~Susan Futterman 2010


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  1. Sue Pownall 25/02/2012 at 8:38 am #

    I like the subtle colouring of this. btw is the subject you?

    Love the print “Dusk” in previous post, it’s very atmospheric.

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