Watercolor & Charcoal: The Serpent Beckons Eve

The Serpent Beckons Eve 7 x 5.5 Watercolor & Charcoal
I was sorting digital image files in my archives, and I forgot about this piece till I saw it again. It was great fun to design, and I had just discovered the amazing illustrator Jessie Willcox Smith [1863-1935], so this was very influenced by her work. I think I’d like to revisit the style and theme in the next few weeks, and see if I’ve learned anything since this piece was finished. Archives are good.

One Response to Watercolor & Charcoal: The Serpent Beckons Eve

  1. Pattie Wall March 6, 2010 at 6:02 am #

    The feeling in this one is nicely done! Love this genre.

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