Watercolor Glazing: Kitchen Bouquet

This is the start of a watercolor – Kitchen Counter Bouquet (19 x 19, sold) – painted a few years ago. In the first photo, you can see loose washes on top of a graphite drawing. I’m just laying a family of colors in – not being particularly careful. Using olive greens, burnt oranges and deep berry reds in the under painting reminds me to stay within that color range, to meet the vision I’m aiming for in the final painting. In the next image, the values are getting darker, and the brush strokes are getting more specific in their shape & placement. …[Continue reading]



Watercolor Washes: Mexican Breakfast

This watercolor is based on a photo of breakfast after a whirlwind trip to Mexico City. We set the table with our newly acquired, hand thrown pottery, crooked bowls, a ribbed tea pot and folklore figurines in the early morning sun. I’ve drawn, painted and carved woodcuts of different angles from this scene, and I love the bands of light and shadow around the place settings & across the table. In this version, after drawing the composition with pencil, I added light washes in layers, one over the other, until the values were right. The cat on the sill & the small mask …[Continue reading]



Woodcut & watercolor: Artemis

This sequence follows some of the inking & printing process for a woodcut or woodblock print. Frame 1 shows my block of pine, with a relief carving of a woman’s face, being inked with a brayer. Frame 2 was shot on the press bed in the print lab – I’m pulling the print off the inked block after running it through the press. Frame 3 shows the fresh print on the left, next to the wood block on the right (note the image prints in reverse). Frame 4 is the print with watercolor washes added. Each one is different, based on whim and …[Continue reading]



*Do* Try This at Home: Linocut

This Linocut print shows the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra *playing* at the Valencia Town Center in Southern California… Linoleum block printing is a great method to try at home, if you’ve ever thought about diving into relief printing, but a workshop or class isn’t an option. A book on the basics is a great way to get started. (Look online for lots of options). My image here was based on a photo I took of the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra at a free concert I attended with my family. I sketched the image using a sharpie pen directly on the linoleum, and started …[Continue reading]



Five More Minutes – Monotype & Watercolor

This is a 4.5 x 6 inch monotype ghost print & watercolor titled “Five More Minutes”. A few people have asked about the process, so I’m posting more details here. Monotypes can be created with any medium that will transfer from a smooth plate to a sheet of paper. You paint on a plate, and press the wet painting against a sheet of paper, either by using a press, or by hand with a brayer, or a baren, etc. There are lots of mediums to try…. oil paints, etching or relief inks, water soluble crayons, etc. In this piece, I rolled black etching …[Continue reading]

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